Mutrics Glasses Reviews From Customers

Mutrics Reviews

“Son geniales, muy practicas, me arrepiento de no pedir las blancas, pero las negras son increíbles también, totalmente funcionales, no solo son para gamers, también para tu trabajo diario frente a un conputador, Puedes atender llamadas, escuchar musica, entrar en conferencias, son realmente increíbles, espero tener dinero para comprar las gafas de sol de transformers, deben ser las mejores” - Camilo


“Just got mine. These are way cooler in person. Imma be the coolest kid on the block.” - Louis


Great Example of Stylish and Functional Wearables For Gamers” - Khitosan


“The side piece is totally thin, considering the technology embedded in them, it's amazing they are as slim as they are. They were a total impulse buy for me and I haven't regretted it one bit.” - Mikail


“Just received mine today and it's awesome! Thanks you guys!”

- Armando


“I got my pair of Mutrics and i got to say, i love them. Audio is crisp and feels like its in my head. Glasses are light and nicely fit, not loose. ” - Shawn


“I hope a lot of people end up buying a pair of Mutrics glasses. No more uncomfortable earbuds! Mutrics are the future.”

- Park


“I just received the Black GB-30 I pre-ordered. They work perfectly (so far) and they are incredibly easy to use. I am very happy withy purchase :D” - Bjorndal


“I recieved mine yesterday. So hang on guys...theyre coming! ”



“Got mine today, listening to music and typing via speech to text using the glasses now!!! Very happy!!!” - Jason


“Got mine 4 days ago. Build and sond quality is good!!

- Martinez

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