The best of the weird tech we saw at CES 2020

Mutrics Gaming Glasses

CES 2021 Audio glasses

The new Gaming Glasses from a company called Mutrics are a very strange product. They look like sunglasses but they’re not meant to be worn outside. The stems have buttons on the side that look like video game controller buttons, but they aren’t. They also are Bluetooth headphones. Yes, really.

Essentially, Mutrics Gaming Glasses are meant for gamers to wear while they game. The lenses on the frames filter out blue light, which Mutrics claims will reduce eye strain during long gaming sessions.

The sides of the stems have micro speakers that fire sound into your ears, making the glasses kind of like a gaming headset. To coincide with gaming culture, the glasses come in various colorways, including one that mimics the classic color scheme of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Honestly, this might be a product you think is cool. We think it’s kind of goofy and one of those things that you would never actually use in a real-world situation. But hey, don’t let us tell you what to do — click the button below to grab yours from Mutrics Online Store.

 Meet Mutrics at IFA 2020 exhibition Paris