GB-30 Game Glasses

$159 $199
Color: Grey

Mutrics GB-30 is the world's first pair of smart glasses that are specially designed for video gamers. Its striking design, open-ear audio, advanced surround sound system and anti-blue light lenses combine to deliver gamers unparalleled sound experience as well as ear and eye comfort and protection for longtime video gaming.  
Pre-order price $159 USD, retail price $199 USD.
Estimated delivery in 2 working days.
No worry about the tax problems in EU countries when shopping.
Mutrics can solve that for you.
  • Open-Ear Audio
  • HD Stereo Sound
  • Reduce Digital Eye Strain
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Vintage Inspired Style
  • Wireless Connection Bluetooth 5.0
  • Intuitive Control
  • Sweat Proof
  • Longer Playtime 4 Hours+
  • Mutrics GB-30 (5 colours in choice)
  • Sunglass Lenses 
  • Quick Charging Cable
  • Glasses Case
  • Guide Card

This is a gift that leaves you free to hear and interact with the game world. Enjoy it. Click here to get the quick guide of GB-30.

#This GB-30 is pre-order available. We will ship out your order before the mid-Aug.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Too futuristic

Bruh! This is the freshest set of shades I’ve ever brought in my life, I need to get clear lens for them. Thank you so much!

Still haven't received my order

Haven't received the order, haven't any news from the company

Suprisingly good

I bought these glasses just to try them out for the digital lenses and as a bonus you’ll get a sound device incorporated in the glasses.

I would say the sound is decent you do get a surround sound. Don’t expect a Dolby surround quality but good enough. Especially if you like to watch series or podcasts. I would not recommend using it for music the base is lacking in that part. But for movies gaming podcasts it gets the job done.

It protects your eyestrain and the sound quality for gaming and watching series , movies or podcasts is decent.

My online concern is that is not as discrete as advertised

Overall a good product

Very Nice Eyewear

The white GB-30 is a perfect fit for my face type. It's as large and lightweight as I wanted it to be, and though the sound quality from the speakers is almost identical to the sound coming out of handheld devices, it does bring the sound closer to you, and is not bothersome to others. It does exactly what it is designed to do.

Akira_V GB-30

sound Volume seems to be not quite loud.

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