The Mutrics GB-30 are a pretty great combination of fashion and function… and that’s always what you want with consumer electronics. Take the AirPods for instance. They’re a style statement, and people who use them would argue they’re some of the best wireless earbuds on the market. Following that design mantra are the Mutrics GB-30, a pair of retro-chic glasses with bone-conduction earphones built into them, inspired heavily (and even named after) the GameBoy – a design theme chosen specifically for the GB-30’s core demographic. Gamers.

Mutrics vs PS5

Outwardly, the Mutrics GB-30 are a pair of really cool, chunky, vintage-gaming-inspired glasses. On the inside, however, the sleek glasses are fitted with open-ear audio drivers, or bone-conducting earphones that provide a private audio-listening experience, especially for gamers, without the need for a cumbersome pair of gaming headphones. The GB-30’s open-ear audio drivers are arguably perfect for gaming. Whether you’re on Twitch, streaming your kill-streak or on the subway with your Nintendo Switch, the GB-30 are a pretty voguish way to listen to gameplay audio, while the open-ear technology means you can hear stuff around you too. The drivers are calibrated to deliver rich, directional sound so you can listen to and identify where a gunshot is coming from, or dialogues from a non-playable character. The smart-wearable’s gamer-friendly design extends to the glasses too, by equipping you with blue-light blocking lenses that allow you to game for longer without the visual strain.

Mutrics Japanese

By far one of the GB-30’s most eye-catching design details is the presence of the GameBoy-inspired control panel on its right-temple-stem. Designed to work in tandem with your phone or Bluetooth device, the buttons can help you increase or decrease volume, play-pause audio, accept or reject calls, and even summon your phone/tablet’s voice assistant on command. Designed much like the kind of sunglasses you’d see from brands like Zungle, the GB-30 works equally well with your phone, providing a great music/podcast listening experience, as well as with your gaming device, delivering rich gameplay audio, while protecting your eyes as you play away. The GB-30 is certified IP55 water and dust-proof, and comes with 4 hours of play-time on a full charge – features that avid gamers will appreciate along with the GB-30’s undeniably retro-hipster design that is sure to put it on every gamer’s wish list!

Designer: Mutrics