Check out Mutrics: First Impressions, our series of unrehearsed, candid reactions of people encountering Mutrics for the first time. 


“Mutrics have created the world’s first ever smart glasses for video gamers. They call them the GB-30’s, and they’re targeted at gamers who want to relieve eye strain all while keeping notifications and phone calls directly on their head.

The design alone caught our attention when surfing through Instagram, they have a multitude of variants but grey DMG variant caught our eyes, for obvious reasons.” 

- Retro DoDo (213K Subscribers Youtube)


Tony Stark Smart Glasses for Gamers MUTRICS GB-30 (Tony Stark Glasses) #mutrics #mutricsgb30 #mutricsbluetoothglasses #smartglasses #audioglasses #mutricsglasses #muticasmartglasses

- Tech Access (4.07K Subscribers Youtube)


QUESTI OCCHIALI fanno qualcosa di PAZZESCO! (Davvero) - From Italy


Mutrics GB-30: Ultra Slim Smart Audio Glasses For Gamers - From U.S.


“Mutrics GB-30 Smart Glasses designed for Gamers! With Anti-Blue Light, 100% UV 400 Protection, Bluetooth, Google/Siri Assistant, and more it really stands out from the crowd of smart glasses. The overall concept is unique and with a retro gamer look!” 

From Khan Flicks - United States

"Mutrics smart audio sunglasses are marketed as a stylish summer accessory that lets you listen to music while protecting your eyes from the sun. These bluetooth smart audio sunglasses provide surround sound and allows you to take calls directly on the glasses without having to pull out your phone. You can even interact with your phones smart assistant! "

From Thao Huynh - Canada


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