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  • Mutrics X is a smart sunglass which uses near field surround sound system and virtual bass enhanced algorithm.
  • It consists of a built-in speaker which projects the music directly into your ears and eliminates low sound quality etc.
  • It has a Bluetooth 5.0 which provides you with a range of about 20 meters and it gets fit to a wide variety of faces.
  • The Mutrics is water resistant and it uses polarized UV400 protection lenses and you can control everything using a button.

    • Near-field surround sound,
    • One-click control,
    • 6-hour playtime,
    • Hands-free calls,
    • Google+Siri assistant,
    • Track activity,
    • Replaceable lens.

    • Mutrics X (Black Color)
    • Sunglass Lenses (Random Color)
    • Quick Charging Cable
    • Glasses Case
    • Guide Card

    This is a gift for you. Enjoy it.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Michael BROCKWAY
    Bluetooth sunglasses

    I love them they seem to be made well and sound great!!

    Matome Peter Aurelius Maraka
    Mutrics sunglasses

    Excellent product, please change charging port to compatible C type

    Francisco Pereira
    Nice but could be improved abit

    The first time i got these mutrics x black smart sunglasses i was lil wow they look really nice. So i ordered them and waited for the glass to come. Finally i had them in my hand. And here is my first review on my first smart sunglasses.
    1. The built quality is solid but because its plastic the arms tend to creak abit.
    2. The lenses are reflected therefore you can see the reflections on the back inside of the lenses also i got a pair of black extra lenses. In order to change the lenses you have to put abit of force to snap them in. i feel like im going to break them so i dont do it as much.
    3. Sound quality... Put it this way there is no bass only mids and highs it is loud that people can hear you that are near you but if at 50% volume you are ok so people cant hear you.
    4. The Bluetooth connection is solid and super fast to connect to you phone. Voice of connection is nice and clear and not distorted.
    5. It is comfortable and grip's your head nicely.
    6. I haven't fully tested out the battery yet but it says 8hours on box but some people are saying its 5 to 6 hours.??.. so if its 5 or 6 hours of play music then i feel with all that bulky plastic im sure you can put a bigger battery.

    Things i would like it to improve are.
    1. The sound. I wish the speakers could improve and if you add bone conduction speaker with normal speaker i feel that could help with the bass abit more.

    2. The glasses are abit on the big size and i feel there is to much bulky plastics when you could trim it down abit.

    3. The lenses could be abit nicer fitted and abit easier to remove and put back in.

    Overall i do like them alot but I feel as this is the first Bluetooth sunglasses from mutrics im sure you can improve them.

    Daniel Smith
    Just got my mutrics sunglasses :D

    It does what it should, confortable sunglasses, nice surrounding sound, lets you keep aware and perfect to take calls. It’s definitely not a hifi system nor has a booming bass like an over the ear or in ear, but expecting that is ridiculous, compared to the same price oackey or ray bans, definitely worth it, more than a shade. Expect more functionalities in the future.

    Chris Lim
    Great sunglasses, fair sound, stability, convenient

    The new lenses take the place of my reading/computer glasses, and I can listen to music at my desk all day without anyway even knowing I have music on!

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