PlayStation 5 Review



Fans of the PlayStation rejoice! We’ve finally got our sights on the next-generation console; let’s kick things off by saying that the design of the PS5 does not disappoint. Sleek, streamlined, and with a definite nod towards a fully digital future where physical media is no longer required as the Digital Edition console doesn’t even accept discs. It’s the kind of next-gen console you’d expect the innovators at PlayStation to unveil and as far as we’re concerned, it looks set to live up to all the hype.

PlayStation 5

PS5: The Key Facts You Need to Know About

Before we delve in for all the juicy details, let’s do a quick review of the major talking points. Sony’s tagline for the PS5 is “play has no limits,” and with lightning-fast load times ultra-high-speed SSD and even deeper visual immersion than ever before, the new console indeed seems limitless. Adaptive triggers, 3D Audio, and haptic feedback are more features that significantly enhance the gameplay experience.

Due to release later this year, the PlayStation 5 is set to replace the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, and before you ask, “what can I play on it,” and the answer is almost everything. In addition to new games like Spider-Man, Demon’s Soul, and Resident Evil 8, the newest PlayStation will be backward compatible.  You should be able to play all your PS4 games. However, earlier generations are yet to be confirmed.

Some Surprises in Store

There’s not just one but two new consoles coming your way for Holiday Season 2020. A standard edition, featuring a 4k Blu-Ray disc player plus a super slim and sexy disc-free Digital Edition for all you forward thinkers. And the new consoles show off futuristic aesthetics; iconic curvy black and white plastic with blue highlights that are light years ahead of previous “black box” iterations. It grabbed our attention from the get-go and deepens anticipation of the official lanch.

Pricing and Specification

Sony has yet to officially reveal the price point, but the word on the street is that pricing will be competitive and based on “lifetime value.” As with any upgrade, it’s not expected to be less expensive than current versions.

But we already know it’s going to feature breathtaking sensory immersion with incredible graphics and 8k output to provide stunning, jaw-dropping gameplay experiences. All this awesomeness is fueled by a lightning-quick CPU, GPU, and SSD all with integrated I/O.

The Dual Sense wireless controllers incorporate a built-in microphone into the iconic and futuristic design,  to help elevate gaming capabilities to a whole new level. We have it on good authority that the dev team really paid attention to the end-user experience. The new gamepad design is a fresh departure from the recognizable black color scheme. The white is clean with that pop of blue coming through. The new overall visual design may be divisive, but we’re going on record to say we love it!

PlayStation 5

Sony will no doubt trickle more details over the coming months, and continue with teases until the release date, so keep checking back as we reveal everything you need to know about the PlayStation5.


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