Mutrics Surround Sound Sunglasses are Truly Smart [Review]

Mutrics has officially launched its smart sunglasses that connect users, via Bluetooth, to amazing surround sound audio. With built-in speakers and microphones, these contemporary sunglasses are not just smart-looking but are a truly intelligent must-have accessory that makes life easier and more pleasant.

Mutrics Smart Sunglasses Beats Competition


It is fitting that a company that specializes in intelligent voice interactive technology is now offering their own smart sunglasses. At a much lower price than its famous competitor Bose, one will receive much more for their money.

At $69 the early-bird limited addition Mutrics smart sunglasses already beat Bose’s hefty price of $199 for theirs. For the lower price one will be ecstatic at the details and extras added into the Mutrics design. Most important to one who enjoys music as they work or play, as well as the need for hands-free calling without being cut off, is the eight-hour playtime that Mutrics offers – this compared to only 3.5-hours with the Bose Frames.

Along with the leading technology Mutrics also allows for interchangeable lenses, which Bose does not. This means that those needing prescription lenses can go to an eyeglass provider to have custom lenses made to place into their Mutrics.

Mutrics also offers the option of buying additional lenses at $10 a piece. For eye safety, Mutrics lenses are polarizing while the Bose is not. As with Bose, Mutrics lenses have UV protection and are shatterproof and scratch-resistant.

Easy to Use Mutrics Enhances Life

The smart sunglasses, with built-in Bluetooth 5.0, are extremely easy to connect to any smartphone. The Mutrics’ right arm has three easy-to-use buttons – a round power button and two dash style buttons to control volume and audio.


Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth so that it is ready to pair with a new device. Then simply press the small round power button on the Mutrics for two-second to turn on. A tiny blue light will flash on the chrome disc inside arm by hinge as a voice prompt states, “power on.” Look for Mutrics on the smartphone and activate it for instant pairing.

Once paired Mutrics instantly will be playing one’s favorite music and apps through the surround sound speakers placed perfectly at personal ear range for private listening. It is to be noted that these are not earphones and others can hear as well as when the phone is using the speaker. This should not be an issue to the wearer as long as he or she is aware and considerate of others.

Call mode is equally easy to use. When a call comes in the wearer easily presses the power button to answer and then presses the power button again to hang up. A quick double-tap to the power button will reject an unwanted. These glasses also support one-click calling for Siri or Google Assistant.

Turning off is just as easy as turning on. Just hold power button for two-seconds – a red light will flash and the voice prompt will say, “power off.”

Interactive Technology Combined with Smart Design

While enjoying the surround-sound music on the go one will be pleased to feel that he or she is wowing others with a stylish appearance. The ones I received for review are a stylish matt black with grey lenses. The minute I placed them on I heard raves about how cool they looked. I have a smaller face but can still rock these as sunglasses.

Carol Ruth Weber wearing Mutrics – Image Courtesy of Carol Ruth Weber

What is cool is that one can order these frames in several color choices to match moods and fashion. Not only can one order a black pair, but he or she can also get these smart sunglasses in white and yellow as well. The sunglasses are made to be adaptable with interchangeable lenses with Mutrics offering an option of extra lenses to purchase available in three different colors of grey, blue and red.


Once Mutrics smart glasses gather the recognition they deserve I am sure the company will want to add more frame styles to match the color and lens choices they already offer.

In just 90-minutes the rechargeable lithium batteries provide a full charge via the charging cord provided with the sunglasses. Once fully charged the company promises eight hours of playtime and a standby time of seven days. Mutrics provides UV400 lenses that block 99-percent of UVA/UVB rays. The glasses weigh in at a light 50g and are certified water and sweat resistance with a IP55 rating.

Gary Cao, head of Mutrics product design, notes:

“This is a new way of listening, and it is a new way of life. With our near-field surround sound system and our algorithmic bass enhancement, you can avoid the conventional, tiresome problems of other open-ear Audio, such as poor sound quality and sound leakage. No matter where your daily journey takes you, Mutrics is the ideal eyewear for your active lifestyle.”

One can place an order online for the limited edition early bird Mutrics. At $129 these glasses are well worth it. Mutrics notes that the early bird price is 56-percent off the MSRP. Free worldwide shipping is included with the price.